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About Us

ARK Logistics is a new player in the furniture delivery industry,providing an efficient and value for money two man delivery service.

Our mission is to be the most sought after ‘two-man’ home delivery service provider in the United Kingdom. We offer UK wide delivery and drop shipping solutions for the furniture retail industry.

Our solutions provide recognisably superior customer satisfaction.

Based in South Lancashire we offer UK wide services that vary from next day delivery, 48 hour delivery through to a 7 day service depending on the needs of our customers.

Our customer service standards are very high and as a new player in the delivery market we intend to be the market leader in this regard.

Home furniture varies from very heavy items to awkward and fragile goods. Our delivery teams are conscious of this due to the many hours of training in goods handling given as standard training.

At ARK Logistics we believe that every delivery experience must be positive and reflect the value spent on the goods being delivered.

As such our maximum attention and effort is given on each and every delivery.